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You  can not solve a problem at the same level of thinking that has allowed it to occur.

From starting a business builds from a seed.

The seed grows when you allow the seed to have energy, some focus yet what if we could utilise the subconscious mind to help you to gain the vibrant business you have always dreamed of?

Our X-Factor business coaching will help you harness the power needed to achieve all your goals and then some!!!

Yes, we will go beyond your expectations and push you to the limit we know you can achieve.

Body language we will show you how to improve your business success!


Act and Grow Rich aka AGR is a science!

We can help you to improve your business with even an undercover Bookkeeper to go through your business structures from the root and rebuild or improve your bottom dollar.

Act and Grow Rich is achievable by all who have the right mindset!

Jennifer Stone Author on behalf of Act and Grow Rich

We expose our methods in detail within the books yet there is more.  We teach you to push through your barriers to achieve the highest awards as we move you to break your chains that are holding you back.

This is the most advanced time in the humanity race where we have equality of man and women yet we give you both perspectives which is rare within a Business consultancy firm.

Do you want to live the life you have always dreamed of?   YES

Do you want to be doing work that makes you feel alive and fulfilled?  YES

Then put us on your list to help you to build a business that creates profits AND meaningful impact as you follow your passions and purpose in life!

YOU TOO can be an AWESOME Entrepreneur.


Do you consider yourself as a conscious entrepreneur who values the profit as much as creating your rewarding life leaving behind real impact in the world….  Then consider our AGR Team and Business services for your life dreams to become your new reality.


We Are


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